Mother’s Day Present

23 Apr

My Mother’s Day present from my oldest daughter is a real surprise–a live worm compost!

I’m thrilled.

Postscript: Yes, for Hurricane Isaac, I moved the worm farm to higher ground.


They don’t like citrus.

They don’t like sweets.

I’m pretty sure they don’t like coffee grounds, used tea leaves, and eggshells.

They like all kinds of greens and vegetables, even okra.

They like it if I occasionally make a layer or platform of dry stuff–sticks, dried bamboo leaves, or their favorite, cornshucks.

I’ve already (about the time of Hurricane Isaac) extracted my first batch of rich worm earth, and I’m growing jalapeno peppers, anaheims and cayennes in it.  I usually need a single pepper in a recipe, so it’s much better to pick one from the backyard than to make a trip to the greenmarket to buy one.

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